Is the Data Protection law becoming the ‘law of everything’

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I have noticed that when I call on companies for information, I am frequently told that “I can’t give you that, because of Data Protection”. As a specialist trainer of compliance for companies on Data Protection, I am fully aware that I am not asking for data that is of a protected by Data Protection laws. 

The Irish Data Protection Commission (DPC) noted similar developments, warning that increasingly people are attempting to use data protection laws to resolve non-data protection disputes, stating that it must be protected from becoming the “law of absolutely everything”

She noted that the DPC has been receiving increasing numbers of complaints from individuals that are completely unrelated to data protection. Problems at work, with medical treatment, and neighbours’ parking were just a few examples she gave that support her observations. She suggested that this trend “reflects a desire on the part of many individuals to have access to an independent and easily-accessible, no-cost dispute resolution service”, further noting that this was NOT the function of the DPC.

Victoria Anzola